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Luxury Pools Create the Picture-Perfect Outdoor
Living Space

From the elegant to the dramatic, you can see some of the most beautiful luxury pools in the country right here in Central Florida, and we know because Premier Pools of Central Florida is the swimming pool builder of choice for Central Florida’s most prestigious homeowners. From contemporary luxury pools to more classic luxury designs, we specialize in designing and constructing custom pools to fit any client’s taste.

Here’s just one example of the VIP luxury pools custom designed and built by Premier Pools of Central Florida.

Featured VIP Pool

Earl Marshall, CFO/Interim President
Golf Channel

Earl Marshall began his search for a pool builder like any other homeowner. He asked friends and coworkers for recommendations, searched Angie’s List, read online reviews, and contacted a number of contractors for multiple bids. After meeting with a few companies, he was shocked to see that only a few builders took the time to review the project, and many refused the job, saying his backyard was too small for a swimming pool. Premier Pools of Central Florida was one of the few companies that took the challenge, designing and building a beautiful luxury pool that includes all the outdoor living elements Mr. Marshall asked for while staying within budget.

Before construction began, Premier Pools’ designers met with Mr. Marshall to discuss the design elements on his wish list and to assess his backyard space. The designers faced a huge challenge to incorporate the large outdoor living area and luxury pool that Mr. Marshall requested into his narrow yard.

“With the help of Angie’s List and recommendations from friends and colleagues, I initially contacted a number of pool builders. Only a few actually took the time to design and price our project. Premier Pools was one of the few that actually took on the challenge.”
—Earl Marshall

After refining their ideas and developing the start of a custom design, the Premier Pools team drafted a two-dimensional drawing to depict what Mr. Marshall’s outdoor space would look like. The limited-courtyard layout maximized the space in his backyard to incorporate the outdoor living area and the luxury pool features that he requested.

Mr. Marshall approved this initial plan, and the team began to develop the 2-D design into a complete custom pool.

Next, using the latest design software, the Premier Pools team crafted 3-D renderings of Mr. Marshall’s backyard space. This fantastic tool gave the Marshall family a realistic visual representation of the finished project before any final decision was made about the design. With the ability to view the layout from every angle, they didn’t have to question if the design was exactly what they wanted.

By easily picturing themselves in their new oasis, the family quickly approved the design and construction began.

With approval from Mr. Marshall, the Premier Pools construction team took over, excavating the land to build the custom pool and outdoor living space. Using the highest quality products and the most reliable team of experts, the Marshall family’s swimming pool was constructed on time and within budget.

In Mr. Marshall’s words, the “construction process was painless,” and the team kept him “informed every step of the way.”

Featuring every aspect of Mr. Marshall’s wish list, their custom pool was completed to match the 3-D renderings—exactly what the family had hoped for. The outdoor living area, which includes a built-in grill and pool-side seating, overlooks the stunning hot tub and luxurious pool.

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“Thank you for your excellent customer service that was delivered with a kind and fun demeanor that matched my own excitement!”
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